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Auction: Rapier of the DEATH!

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I am auctioning Rapier of DEATH ! Same as a Rapier plus adding 0.5% chance of inflict 150 damage.


Starting bid 250 kgc. Minimum bid +5 kgc. Lower bids are ignored.


Auction ends in about 50 hours from posting, it means Sunday around 21:30 CET but at least 15minutes after last bid placed here or ingame.


For more details, ingame bids or possible way of payment just PM me.


Good luck and have a nice game. :P

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How does someone bid for an item, when they have an Indefinite ban?


Just to clarify, this wasn't an IP ban, but an indefinite character lock. Which still stands btw. Clear as mud on my part, sorry. :inquisitive:

(He is on a different character now, so from the game legalities point of view, his bid can still stand).

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