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Why have people become so unfriendly in EL ?

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yea, my anger management person told me that once, but the bastard isn't going to pay my medical bills is he? -.-

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no really, #6 is a joke. How did the invasion/Leonard channel become general chat?
Well, the quoted post below was the original intention of channel 6, along with the concept of allowing more unrestricted topics of conversation to allow mature discussions about hot topics EL or non-EL related (within reason) when Lenny or invasions were NOT happening:


Official Invasion and Leonard Channel Rules (#jc 6):

1. First and foremost this channel is for discussion about invasions and Leonard (Alpha).

2. This channel may be used for EL or off-topic conversation when there is no discussion about invasions or Leonard happening.

3. The invasions and Leonard take precedence over non-related chatter, so if you are asked to stop chatting because of an invasion or Leonard event. do so.

4. By allowing this chat, we also expect you will still follow all game rules and the general official channel rules. That means no obscenities, no flaming, etc. Anybody who abuses the right to chat in this channel can and will be removed or muted or worse.


However there are a handful of people who think it's fun to push the envelope of acceptable topics, or just use it for their personal clique-y spam and have pretty much ruined the channel. It's a hard channel to moderate, obviously there are some extremes that are no-brainers, but one person's spam and idiocy is another's "discussion". Give the mods a break on this one, we're doing our best to stick to the intent of the channel and moderate at the same time.


I do caution everyone though, that this is NOT an "anything goes" channel. Some people still don't get that. However most moderating will be done on a case by case basis, depending on how out-of-hand and immature things go.


Edit: I would also like to remind everybody that first and foremost this is an invasion and Lenny channel. If you are tired of hearing people log on and ask about the invasion status or lenny status, I strongly urge you to find another channel to chat in, such as 4 or 20. It is NOT acceptable to be rude and dismissive to people asking about the main topic of this channel, and if I ever see that, I will personally escort you to another channel.




I have really disliked how chan 6 became new chan 4 and unsure why that happened.

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lol ent, loads of people ask "wanna be my gf?!" or "free stuff!"

and not just noobs :)

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