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This is getting ridiculous

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<I have not checked my account in a long time, so I'm sorry if my reactions look delayed>


"Listen to me, ye mighty, and despair" for I have a solution


1. I am unbanned and unlocked.

2. I am banned if the trouble continues (which it won't, I assure you)


No, this does not disadvantage anyone. No, this will not ruin Eternal Lands. Unlock Leonidas1 is all I ask.


How can you object to this?

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I will say it one more time.

You had the chance to get Leonidas whitelisted. Best offer you were going to get.

You did not accept that, kept arguing, then proceeded with threats.

Now all offers were removed.

End of story.

Also note that forum rules state you may not continue locked discussions elsewhere, especially to repeat the same thing you have already said and have been answered to.

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