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Monarchy in the PK

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Yaser killed me 24 times, most of the times in KF when I trained fluff, did not bother about dissing+running away. Would get expensive if I started fighting back at full power all those times...

It is still quite an achievement, others just pked me a few times in KF.


My pki is about zero, with like 20 more deaths then wins that means I kill people with high PKI most of the time...


No, it means you were killed mostly by someone with high PKI :brooding:


Yaser is the char with higher PKI on the PK server :whistle:


bad thing about this weekend, I can't play


good thing about this weekend, I won't have to read your dilusional conversations :icon13:

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It does tend to raise your anger level when you are pk'd. It gets heated and sometimes there are some heated discussions on channel 1. That's all part of it. Makes your heart pound and your blood boil (sometimes).

I'm definitely not a pk'er. Just a peaceful harvester and mixer. My harvest alt has been killed many times by many players. I'm not going to cry about it, but it does momentarily make me sorta mad and I really don't have a bad temper at all. But, it's easy to get caught up in the moment. At first, I'd like to kick the pk'ers butt. Alas, I'm not high enough a/d to do that. So, sometimes friends of mine will put that person on their "to do" list. So what. That's all part of the risk and excitement of being on the pk server. Anything goes. Go around bragging about your strength and pk'ing ppl without cause, their friends will put you on their list. It's really a typical scenario. If you don't have a lot of friends on the pk server, maybe it's because you are not nice to ppl. Maybe it's because you pk'd them or their friends. Don't go around bawling about it when they pk you by whatever means available to them. Either stick with your M.O. or change it. But, either way prepare yourself to reap the rewards of your deeds. And - for heavens sake - don't weep about it.

For those of you that have pk'd me: hey, whatever. For those of you that stand behind me and/or taken revenge for me: I will repay your kindness. If I decide not to supply or mix for certain players on the server, it's because I have a negative opinion about their behavior. No really big deal and nothing to get upset about. I'm only one supplier. There are other suppliers for those ppl to deal with. It's just my little piece of revenge for what I consider to be their "wrong" (whether it was toward myself or a friend). And I'm certainly not saying that my opinion should be adopted by everyone else. But, I intend to express my opinion in my own quiet sort of way.

It's just a game. Nothing to get all torn up about. If someone pk's me, I can find my way out of the UW (and I'm getting quite good at it). :P

The risk just makes it more exciting and encourages me to be a little more clever. Believe me, this server isn't just about brute strength. It's equally about being clever (and maybe a little lucky). Players who have similar personalities tend to be drawn together, hence the strong bond of friendship between them. If they stand together against a common enemy, is that not the natural (even honorable) thing to do? That's how communities are formed. Are there not opposites in most communities?

For whatever reason(s) there will always be opposing opinions in a group of people. That's life (real life and life on the pk server). Dealing with that in a realistic way takes a certain level of maturity. Some have it....some don't....

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That last post says it all

Well said Lilliath :P



Edited by justy

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Yep, well said.


Whatever is said on forums is good as long you think it is worth posting (else you are just wasting your own time).

Some stuff is just spam other chat is nice to read to pass the time :)


On the pk server there is a clear line between enemy or ally status. So not much conversations about pking the wrong person etc. There is also a 'you are with us or you are with them' mentality.

I just wish some guild from main could come over here with perhaps ~6 hardcore pkers and start a new faction to own everyone :)

For now the server is fine as it is, with more players one of the 'groups' will grow too big and a new 'group' will emerge (so more players ftw :P )

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