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I would like the trailer to follow this script, please review it and let me know what you think.


Opening scene, 2-3 seconds, showing the EL logo.


New character creation scene, lasting about 5-8 seconds, with the message "Prepare to start your journey" (although you can come up with some more creative messages). Zoom in on the character at the end of the scene.


"First few moments in the game" scene, about 5 seconds, showing your char at wraith, with the message: "You start with nothing, you know no one, you are alone".


A few 5 second scenes showing you fighting rabbits, fox, wolves, goblins. When fighting rabbits you use a bone or brench, when fighting wolves you use some leather armor an an iron sword. The message should be: "Each day, a new challange. Each fight, you become closer to being a true figher".


A scene in the CC, harvesting some sulphur, 5 seconds. The text: "But you don't have to fight if you don't want to. You can be anything, a peaceful harvester..."


A scene at the storage trading some stuff, 4 seconds. The text: "a trader..."


A scene somewhere else in the game, making some sword, a few seconds long. The text: "a blacksmith..."


A scene with a nice background (some castle perhaps) with someone wearing some nice clothes, a few seconds long. The text: "a taylor..."


A scene in KF where you summon some PWs, which kill some newbie dressed in nice armor, 5 seconds long. The text: "a powerfull summoner that can strike fear into his enemies hearts..."


A scene from an invasion in Bethel where the archers attack the creatures, 5 seconds long. The text "a ranger..."


A scene from a fight in KF, with many spells being cast, lasting 3-4 seconds. The text: "a powerful mage or healer..."


A scene in the evening, preferably with the sunset over some water, the character walking, camera in front looking at the character, wearing some high end gear and a magic staff, 8 seconds long. The text: "...or anything in between.".


The next scene should be at some arena with many people on the sides and 2 people fighting, 4 seconds long. The text: "Contests..."


A scene during an invasion, lots of monsters must be shown with some people fighting them, 4 seconds long. The text: "Invasions.."


A scene in KF, many people fighting at once, 4 seconds long. The text: "Or just good ol' PKing"


A scene from some wedding or some other social event with a lot of players gathered in some hall, 5 seconds. The text: "At the end of the day, get together with some friends...".


A scene fighting a dragon in a cave, 5 seconds long. The text: "Or if you still have some strength left, fight to become the best"


A scene in the hydro cave, 4 seconds long. The text: "Or perhaps gather some rare resources."


A scene in Arius, with many people, wearing all kinds of gear, from leather to dragon, 10 seconds long. The text: "And as time goes on, you will have more friends, and you will be more powerful. And the good thing is, there is no end!"


The End

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Someone mentioned this in the other thread and I think it's a very good idea:

Get different people in as many scenes as possible, that show the different varieties and colorings of our nicest looking character choices, both regular and p2p.

Also some closeups to show how nice they look.

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For impact value on each scene showing the skills, I think a panning out shot would be the most effective, as if zooming out from close-up. All the way up to the "or anything in between" where you reverse it and pan in for a close-up instead to show off the player and their high end gear in a full 360 spin. Having an official custom EL-logo cloak on at that point would add to the drool value too.


Not sure however that the hydro cave thing regarding collecting rare resources is more impact value or attention grabbing than a flash set of 1 second images showing stills of a player in various out of the way locations, such as the Imbroglio Mazes, Tarsengaard Magic school rooms that have the most detail like the Laboratory area, and a variety of other carefully chosen locations, with the "or perhaps gather some rare resources" being replaced with "or perhaps explore the many unique locations that make our....Eternal Lands!"


Oh...and there should certainly have at least one epic shot of a God on the prowl in there somewhere.


Well thats my thoughts anyway.


Edit: btw, I can see it in my head, but sadly have not a clue how to use video capture or editing warez so couldnt even begin to do this stuff, sadly.

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Half of the script is devoted to professions, that's a bit misleading since EL does not encourage to specialize in just one.


I believe the script could use some short scenes on:


- developing char (a sequence when player gains OA/lvl and a screenshot of statistics)

- guilds

- building wealth (partially included already - but a sequence showing for instance gear progression from naked char to ice dragon armor could be impressive)

- very short highlight of instances, unique creatures, bots, horses, mules, custom capes, guildmaps, etc.

- perhaps a shot or two of Bloodsucker maps in between scenes ?


As you can see I'd make it less generic, with more highlight on stuff that attracts people to the particular game

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There are some good points i'll certainly follow but imo the "5 sec - Text/3 sec - Text - Scene" doesn't allow liberty in the video, and that will probably turn into quality/editing battle because there won't be creativity if everybody does it this way

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Very nice, I love the idea of showing all aspects of the game. Especailly the high end armor, thats one aspect that makes me try out a game.

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The official trailer has to present only OFFICIALLY supported game and client features. Including anything else would be misleading or unethical.




Edited by Natsume

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In case anyone is using Radu's script word for word.... and to save any mistakes...


"a taylor..." should be "a tailor...", "powerfull" should be "powerful" and "figher" should be "fighter"


Other than that sounds great... but I'm with PYE on skipping the hydro cave.

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