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Economy troubles

Do u think inflation should change daily and banks should make money  

  1. 1. Do u think inflation should change daily and banks should make money

    • yes
    • not sure

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i think there should not be unlimited resources. the banks should make a certain amount of money each day. that way. inflation would change and money would be a lot rarer. i dont think (no offence) that this game is very wise with economy and money issues. there are a lot of ways to change this. :?

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In order for there to be any sort of Economy...good or bad, there has to be some sort of circulating monies.

Right now, it is dry, and people are tight with their money UNLESS it directly benefits two things:

#1. Power

#2. Knowledge


Right now it is a scramble to read more, get more pickpoints...attributes...skill. Why buy it if you can make it cheaper?


No swords are being sold...why? Cause anyone who is anyone is in a guild....and someone in that guild can make the stuff, and hand it out for free. Why not? He can just get the resources and make 50 more...cause guess what? NO ONE IS BUYING THEM.


It is a terrible circle that is getting the Harvest/Manufacturing/Alchemists nowhere. The fighters are getting rich faster, and selling crap no one can afford. So they just sell to the other fighters.....cause they have all the money.


In point...the balance was jilted here somewhere.....I don't know what tangent it skewered off into...but as it stands...why not reset and become a fighter? Screw making stuff when you get a drop from a monster, sell it fast...and repeat. And dont even bother trying to sell anything that people can make.....it is pointless unless they are low level new players...but guess what? They have no money!


If I could draw a circle, above text would be what it looked like. Round and round and round....and no end.


ANyways....enough from me.

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