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anyone know what the % increase on these are per point? does 2 dexterity = 1 accuracy or something like that?

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The 'Combat Level' calculation would have us believe the following weights:


attack and defense = 0.75

dexterity and reaction = 1.00


Put simply; 4 attack levels is the same as 3 dexterity.


That said, the 'Combat Level' calculation is not official and not to be relied on as being definitely correct.

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I have put this question me too.


What is the acurracy effect in combat, and I didn't get a clear response.

Specially here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=51536



Each combat round in EL is made up of 6 'rolls':


1. CombatantA rolls for Critical (ignore this for now)

2. CombatantA tries to hit

3. CombatantB tries to dodge


Then, if CombatantA scored their hit:


4. CombatantA rolls for Critical (ignore this for now)

5. CombatantA deals damage

6. CombatantB absorbs damage


This completes CombatantA's combat round, then it's CombatantB's turn.



- but now I am thinking... and maybe the accuracy affected at step 2 somehow. "CombatantA tries to hit", in other steps I can't see, and Idon't know in what ratio afects -5 accuracy or +10 acuracy this.

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Firstly i'll update and say we now know for sure that for the current PvE combat roll:


1 dexterity = 1 attack

1 reaction = 1 defense


This was recently revealed by Radu, the game creator/lead developer.

(so it's NOT att=0.75 and dex=1.0... they both have the same weight)


In regards to accuracy, i agree it only affects ones ability to hit, and it's my opinion based on experience and testing that, in regard to the hit roll:


1 accuracy = 1 attack

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