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Looking for a guild

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Anyone interested in taking old Scratch into thier guild?

If so, please leave me the following info:


guild name:


guild forum link:

guild master:


my Skills

Overall: 78/84

Attack: 44

Defense: 45

Magic: 29

Harvest: 68

Manufacture: 30

Alchemy: 65

Potion: 36

Summoning: 19

Crafting: 59

Engineering: 19

Tailoring: 11

Ranging: 14


I am currently considered a jack of all trades. When I started EL I was against being a PKer but I might reconsider if someone was interested in taking me under thier PK wing.


Scratch :P

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YOu might want to look into guild FeaR..We are a recently combined guild 1pk and the other all arounders. No new website as yet but if interested post in DAO forums or NAC forums.

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WTF? I only get 2 invites and one of them isn't even from FURY? :(

That n00b Acelon got way more invites than that! :D


I guess if he's the type of person people want for a guild then I'll start parading around my new avatar & siggy. :whistle:





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It looks like you have posted alot on the forums. I don't know much about you though.


Guild: People Enlightening Newbs

Guild tag: PEN

I am the guild master.

We have a rule against striking the first blow against a fellow player in combat (includes spells and such along with physical combat).

We are skilled in a number of things. One talent is training newbs and finding ways to make leveling profitable for newbs and the event coordinators alike.

I'm currently level 80 (rank #13) manufacturing. We have a number of people to do a number of things.


Talk to me in the game or forum pm me and I will consider you.

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