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Server Update

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Relocated Viorel to Naralik.

Fixed a few invasion day problems, and the jegos monster will give some gold if killed during invasions.

Fixed a bug when great swords would sometimes dissapear after being repaired by the NPC.

Increased the chance of the great swords (the non special ones only) to break. The rate is still pretty low though.

Decreased the radiation protection of the dragon armors.

Increased the radiation protection of some of the iron, bronze, steel and titanium armor.

Moved the lions from KJ to Hurquin.

Changed the alchemy level a little for the enriched essences formulas.

New potion that permanently increases your archery chance to score a critical hit by 1%, up to 60% (it stacks). You can find it at Tanta.

The Dvarium can be harvested and smelted. Some uses for the bars will come soon.

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