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k banned

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Ok i think i know what this is for,i sincerly apologise to what i think is the reason pinkroses and what i said to her i was foolish and hands up to it i wouldnt expect you to unbann me really. Playing this game you meet lots of cool people and i dont want to lose them, if you could let me just have an account (new acc) not to lvl just tlk on it would be great! If you wouldnt mind telling me what i got banned for if not this reason (which i doubt) i would be greatful .

Ingame name was twiztid until some dude scammed it off me then i got mat off him :/ ( not scammed) xd

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The major problem is illegal multi.

Next is why all the character creation spamming and using them for trouble?

Mat is an issue but not the reason ironically enough for the lock.

The ban is because there are too many problems. Enough already.

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You only mention barack_obama?

What about:

Andres, Barack_Obomba, BaTTouSaI, canudiggit, Pyschosikinsane, DragonflyQueen, IluvObama, irpr0kk, MArGOTH, Mighty_Me, Twiztid(Necrofear), sleek, ZtAnNaRdZ, lmaoowned

Now seeing that list, care to read rule 5 in it's entirety including the notes of things you can't do to avoid detection of it? This list and that rule should trigger your memory.

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andres i got from selling loonatix

barack_obmoba - as i said for fun

battousai- char i got from a trade with char sleek

canudigit- a char which some guy i know in portugese made and i logged on to see if hed done something right then he quit and gave me his crappy items

pyschosikinsane- a char i made... quite a while back now

dragonflyqueen- a char my mom made to harv gold on a char

iluvoboma- char i made for fun once again yes.. sorry

impr0kk- made and that thing with pinkroses occoured old necrofear dude who scammed mak was at my house he said some stuff to pinkroses

margoth- we already had this discussion and u found it wasnt me who multi'd

mighty_me - same thing as margoth

twiztid- char i got of m8 irl (guy at my house) as he quit el

sleek- char i got ages ago for dpa alt and i traded it for battousai

ZtAnNaRdZ- dunno bout this 1 never heard of it ;o

lmaoowned- was a char of the guy who recently scammed twiztid and andres battousai off me



These include no multi to my knowledge , well, hope it helps

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You are aware that illegal multi still counts even if you use bags or log them on/off at different times or have a friend log on one to change the IP for a few minutes to get the stuff?

And that once you use a character it is considered your alt and you can't trade stuff with it? Even if you "buy" or "trade" or whatever, you can't dump stuff from it onto your main, or from your old character onto your new, or any combination thereof.

You have multiple chars trading together and using drops to get stuff from one character to the other.

You also are responsible for your own IP, so if a "friend" comes over and makes trouble, it is still your problem.

I suggest you come back in your month time (see my post pinned in bans) and we will discuss unbanning your IP. However considering all the trouble, you will definitely be on a no alts, no sharing, no anything restriction, and I'm not inclined to want to give you any of these characters back. We can discuss it in a month.

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I will whitelist a new character for you. What do you want the name to be?


And yes, no alts, no sharing, no same ip trading, no trouble from your IP or character of any sort. If any trouble does happen, it will be because you let somebody use your character either elsewhere (forbidden in the no sharing condition), or you let somebody on your character on your own IP (since no other characters will be allowed on it, and you are responsible for your own IP and your own character no matter who makes trouble on it).

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