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All current standard client keys

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All windows:
Alt-X			 Exit game
Alt-Enter		 Toggle fullscreen - May cause a game crash
Ctrl-Up arrow	 Scroll up through your last typed messages
Ctrl-Down Arrow   Scroll down through your last typed messages
Ctrl-C			Copy selected text
Ctrl-V			Paste copied text
Ctrl-[1-6]		Use item in slot location [1-6]
Alt-[0-6]		 Cast spell in spell quickbar location [1-6]
Insert			Rotate left 45 degrees
Delete			Rotate right 45 degrees
Home			  Move 1 step forward
Alt-D			 Hide windows
Alt-H			 Toggle health bar above player
Alt-B			 Toggle health values above player
Alt-N			 Toggle name above player
Alt-O			 Toggle Overtext (display local chat above player's head)
F3				Toggle cloud shadows
Ctrl-A			Toggle Attributes Window
Ctrl-Z			Toggle Session Window
Ctrl-O			Toggle Options Window
Ctrl-K			Toggle Knowledge Window
Ctrl-E			Toggle Encyclopedia Window
Ctrl-H			Toggle Help Window
F5				Toggle Rules Window
Ctrl-N			Toggle Notepad Window
Alt-M			 Toggle Minimap
Ctrl-S			Toggle Sigils (Spells) Window
Ctrl-M			Toggle Manufacture Window
Ctrl-I			Toggle Item (Inventory) Window
Ctrl-W			Toggle Walk Mode
Ctrl-L			Toggle Look Mode
Ctrl-U			Toggle Use Mode
Left Arrow		Rotate Game window Left
Right Arrow	   Rotate Game window Right
Shift-Left Arrow  Rotate Game window Left slowly
Shift-Right Arrow Rotate Game window Right slowly
Ctrl-Alt-A		Toggle AFK
Ctrl-S			Toggle Sit
F2				Open Web Browser on last seen URL
Ctrl-F2		   Toggle Browser Window
Ctrl-Page Up	  Previous Chat Tab
Ctrl-Page Down	Next Chat Tab
Alt-W			 Toggle Windows On Top
Ctrl-P			Save screenshot
Ctrl-D			Toggle Opaque Windows
Escape			Clear currently typed text

Console window:
Up arrow		  Scroll up 1 line
Down arrow		Scroll down 1 line
Ctrl-Space		Tab completion (complete current word - lab[Ctrl-Space] could expand to LabRat)
				  Holding Ctrl down and repeatedly pressing Space will choose alternate words
				  Works for some # commands eg #beam me
Alt-PageUp		Go to the first line in your chat log
Alt-PageDown	  Go to the last line in your chat log
PageUp			Scroll up 1 page
PageDown		  Scroll down 1 page
Tab			   Switch to Map window
` or F1		   Switch to Game window

Game Window:
Up Arrow		  Move camera viewpoint up
Down Arrow		Move camera viewpoint down
Page Up		   Zoom camera in
Page Down		 Zoom Camera out
Ctrl-R			Repeat last cast spell
Ctrl-F			Switch to map window and activate Filter Mode
Tab			   Switch to map window
F6				Toggle expand game window size
Alt-F			 Toggle first person view
Alt-G			 Toggle grab mouse mode
F9				Create fire effect at your current location

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