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My own fault

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Due to the fact that Im so-stubborn and refused to see the reason(s) for my Ban,I brought on more trouble for myself,thereby resulting in not only being banned for 30 days,but also resulting in a total Inventory, Storage and Stats wipe-out. Weather intentional or not,many of the things I did wrong I now know were avoidable,if I had only taken the time to ask a Person in a position of authority. Hindsight is 20/20. I cant take back what I did... The punishment given for what I did was indeed quite harsh,but I now know that it was and is for my own good,as I now know it's better to ask than assume. If ever in doubt,ask a Mod BEFORE you do it. It may seem like you are bothering the Mods... but it's better to "Bother a Mod and get the correct answer" rather than get yourself in too-deep,the way I did.

To Aislinn personally : I know you said you accept my apology,but I want everyone to know how sorry I am for being such a Mule over the whole situation,and this is my apology to you,in official EL Forums,for all to see.


Respectfully,Mr. Cross

aka Tokie of #nU Guild

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Thank you Tokie :)

And this is very good advice. It is never a bother for any of you to ask us if you have questions, doubts or concerns about the rules, it's why we are here.

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