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i got banned for being funny

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well what can i say, a neighbor of mine asked me to play el with him ~i made a noob and joined the fun, since he had an older char on the game he told me what to do ~ for the first 4 hours i did what he told me ~to harv some flowers and sell them to the valley of dwars flower shop easiest way for a nub to make money ~ i made some money bought some stuff and he briefed me on alch ~ so i harv some more flowers ~ and he droped me 500 sulph in a bag since i neded nexuses or something to mine sulp myself and i couldn't ~ and some person cant recall his name ~thirallix~ saw the bag droping trade (we could have traded normaly and no1 would have seen us but i had lil space in my inv) and started questioning us. it all went well untill he started accusing me ... and asking me where i got the exc cape and where i got the leather armor and stuff suggesting that my friend gaved them to me wich is not the case i bought them from a bot , and then i sayd yea sure he also gaved me 5 red capes (was trying to be funny) and asked him if he could let it be for 3 capes and i got banned ~ not to make this any longer please would some1 look into it and unbann me you wouldn't do me any big favour since i was like 10/9/17/11/6/1/18 att/def/harv/alch/manu/summ/oa the principle counts he did not gaved me the exc cape and the armors i played hard for them it was only a day but i bought those items no1 droped them in a bag for me >:) !!


Name of Char: DrunkWeasel

Edited by weasel

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Well i wouldnt say you was locked for being funny.


However after discussing this with you and the fact that you are infact both characters gigicu and drunkweasel and was trying to give the new one a head start. Drunkweasel will remain locked.


And as you have already had an IP ban i would suggest you keep yourself well away from any trouble, in the hope that whomever did that thinks you deserve a second chance and can stay.

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