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I found a rather Odd problem. Ive been training in Zirak where the ogre spawn is, when I pick up the bag every now and then (like every 5th bag) bones would disappear. Ive had a Full inventory when its happened and Ive kept the bag open to see if it disappears, and it does (only happens every couple of bags though). There was one other odd problem I found, with the same ogre spawn. I would pick up stuff from the db, and the bag would be empty, but it would still display.


I dont think my eyes are deceiving me, but I would like to know if someone else gets the same thing


ADD: Gold is changing also. It happens so quick I cant take a screen shot. I open bag and gold changes from a high number to a lower number (or rather it looks like its changing to a random amount)


ADD2: One other note, there were bones on the ground that I couldnt hold in my inv, but I dont know how this would make bones in a DB disappear.


ADD3: Im also using the get all button. also doesnt seem to matter if inv is full or not, it just seems to happen more often when inv is full. Im updating as I can think of anything else. Im also pretty sure its not going to my inv.


ADD4: This is getting strange, without clicking the get all button, I get a error message saying my inv is full. However, my Inv isnt full and the error message shows up in the Inv Window


ADD5: Im having problems with the get all button. Sometimes it just doesnt work. Also, last night was the day of more grief.

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re: exclusive access to sound system -


No one else reported this problem, so it is likely a problem with your system? Can someone else reproduce it?

I did a local build of RC3 on my system and the binary no longer wants exclusive access to sound subsystem! :) Thank goodness!


Much thanks to Popeye for all the hand-holding to get it built!


If anyone wants a copy of my binary (built on OpenSuSe11), just leave a note here, PM me ingame, or send a carrier-pigeon.

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