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A song of fur and sword

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Another merciful Bunny Ballad to add to the collection of countless Bunny Ballads


A song of Fur and Sword


A rabbit of fur must fear the sword

For many young warrior seeks a challenge

And must stock up their winter store

But these weak creatures shall get their revenge


Brother, sister, father and son

Are chased around their mighty isle

Yet still are all slain by the mighty ones

Their corpses strewn out over a mile


So how could these creatures fight back

When their height is less than a foot?

They wield no weapons carry only fat

And any spell will turn them into soot


Yet revenge will received

For when their fluffy cousins arrive

All rabbits will be relieved


For all adventurers are wary

Of the fluffy white rabbit

And all whom have faced it

Can confirm that it is quite scary


Rip bite tear and nip

These rabbits will give no one the slip


So remember my friend

The next time you slay a rabbit

Remember whom they might send

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