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My account,Ace_19, Was banned

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Hi i am the owner of ace_19 and various others such as ace01 and confused which were also involved in this instance and i would like to say wat i did and say i was sorry.

Okay first i sapmmed 2 channels by asking same question twice on different channels because i didnt like the answer i had been given. I didnt think that was spamming and i am sorry about this.

I got muted for that which made me angry because it was accident so i then started harrasing the moderator Asgnny. she/he booted Ace_19 so then i got onto ace01 and played dumb causing ace_19 to be locked because she/he felt she could because of the trouble i had caused. This anoyed me so much i swore at her/him severely and got blocked. The otehr part of my incident is "skirting punishment" which was never the intention of logging onto multiple characters.


I am very sorry and i really hope you understand wat i did. I will even offer to do a probationary period to get back onto the game if that helps at all. :)


Hope to here from you soon




You can also email me at Shloydo_jr@hotmail.com

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Apology accepted for this round. Per our discussion in-game (and this thread), you can have Ace_19 back after one month.


Given your additional history with shloydojr, consider yourself very lucky to be afforded this opportunity. If there is any further trouble, coming back after a month (if ever) will be completely out of the question.

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