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Hiring: Mixer for High Explosive Mines

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I am in need of 60 High Explosive Mines, but my engineering level is a bit too low to make them. So I am looking for a high level engineer to mix the ingredients for me...


I will provide:

  • Blackpowder (300)
  • Nail (600)
  • Magic Essence (300)
  • Death Essence (300)
  • Iron Bar (240)
  • Red Toadstool (1000)
  • Poison Antidote (20)
  • Health Essence (100)
  • Engineering Potion (3)

For this I would like in return:

  • High Explosive Landmine (60) Or at least the amount you succesfully created

What you will get from this is:

  • At the very least 13k Engineering exp (if you would fail so many that you can't get this much exp out of it, I will not hire you :P)
  • The leftovers of the Toadstools, Antidotes, Potions and Health Essences
  • A book of True Sight (I have to pay you something...)

If you are a trustworthy person and you have an engineering level that allows you to make at least 50 mines out of these 60 ingredient sets, leave a message here or try to catch me in game (that may be hard).

You can also contact members of the BanE guild as I keep in touch with them, but I'm not always in game.


If you are not happy with the deal, let me know. Maybe I can change some things, but I really need the mines :P


That's all, thank you...


PS: No spam in this topic please, if you're not applying or you have nothing related to the topic to say, then I kindly ask you to leave :D

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Thank you PhilDaBurn for a fast reply and a great service :medieval:


I got my mines. Topic may be closed (or left open, I don't care, I don't need it anymore ^^)

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