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micah9 and mikehunt banned

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You must be kidding me. After all the moderator time wasted on this issue just to get countless different story versions from both of you?

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what do you mean countless?I only talked to apparition one time...and i have talked to entlem/micah9 in game and told him the issue that happened...and it was completely wrong what happened to him,all i am doing is trying to get this all fixed for entlem.ad just for the record entlem had no part in the scam why would he scam his self?that is just crazy.

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You might want to ask micah9 how much he bugged us and how many times his story changed and how he kinda forgot to mention he has the mikehunt password too and logged onto that character.

Also considering your history on other characters, I don't think you can be surprised that we are a bit suspicious, to say the least. So until both of you can come up with something that matches each other AND the logs, these characters will stay locked.

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You were asked to provide logs and haven't. There is nothing to prove it is a different person, or impersonation. From everything you claim that happened to you, and was said to you, I actually am highly skeptical it was a "fake" mikehunt. A random person finding a password would most likely not have access to the kind of information that would be needed to trick you, a good friend of the "real" mikehunt. Nor would they know the game mechanics well enough to get by as an experienced player.


I would most definitely freak out if I was so foolish to give somebody else my password, yes.

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And the real mikehunt was a good friend, so don't say I was foolish for letting him test my character.

From the game rules:

4. Do Not Give Out Your Password.

Once you give your password out to anyone, even for the purpose of character sharing, you relinquish all rights to that character. Eternal Lands is not responsible for the return of your character or account, or for the actions of your character once you have disclosed your password.

As of 9th of April 2006, if anyone contacts us about stolen characters, their IP will be permanently banned.

We are tired of babysitting the morons who get scammed, and our time is more precious than that.

If you are so stupid to get scammed, you shouldn't be playing our game in the first place, let alone contact us to fix your mistake.

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He had nothing to do with the scam if he did i wouldn't be sending the money like agreed,my roomate is the one who scammed him and since i was goin to buy the micah9 char anyway i will send him his money,my roommate is coming here today to give me the pass once micah has his money for the char.

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Ok i read the the chat logs and it went pretty much like this,

PM from micah9: want to buy my character?]

[00:43:38] [PM to micah9: lol how much?]

[00:43:48] [PM from micah9: dunno...:/]

[00:43:54] [PM to micah9: lol]

[00:46:00] [PM from micah9: offer? :/]

[00:46:09] [PM to micah9: umm i dunno][

[00:46:21] [PM to micah9: u quiting for good]

[00:46:25] [PM from micah9: yeah]

[00:46:30] [PM to micah9: hmmm]

[00:46:51] [PM from micah9: well I might log on to see if godz_Angel is there to pay me :/]

[00:47:06] [PM to micah9: hmmm]

[00:48:33] [PM from micah9: need to know stats?]

[00:48:39] [PM to micah9: i dunno do u have another char 2 log on 2]

[00:48:50] [PM from micah9: I'll make a new 1]

[00:48:53] [PM to micah9: if i buy yer char]

[00:48:57] [PM to micah9: ok]

[00:49:07] [PM to micah9: hmmm]

[00:49:47] [PM from micah9: and he has nearly 300kgc in sto. I need to mine a few more k's of iron]

[00:49:47] [PM to micah9: i would love 2 have it but i don't get paid till 2 more weeks...and i will give u this char if u want]

[00:50:04] [PM from micah9: I can wait]

[00:50:17] [PM to micah9: hmmm]

[00:50:29] [PM from micah9: it might take godz_angel that long to pay me lol...]

[00:51:57] [PM to micah9: i have a question..t might sound stupid but do u think i could play around on it for a few..u can change pass and i will keep it what u have it set as?]

[00:52:03] [PM to micah9: i won't rip u off]

[00:52:12] [PM to micah9: i will give u my pass]

[00:52:36] [PM from micah9: scammer!!!!! j/k sure that sounds fine]

[00:53:05] [PM from micah9: pass is mikehunt]

[00:53:08] [PM to micah9: lol]

[00:53:18] [PM from micah9: ;)]

[00:53:19] [PM to micah9: nice my pass is jenn22]

[00:53:30] [PM from micah9: ok]

[00:53:42] [PM to micah9: ok gonna log]

[00:53:53] [PM from micah9: k. I need to go for a few mins]

[00:54:00] micah9 has logged off.

[01:14:17] [PM from entlem: hi]

[01:14:38] [PM to entlem: hi ]

[01:14:51] [PM from entlem: how do u like the character?]

[01:15:01] [PM to entlem: good so far :P]

[01:15:29] [PM to entlem: i was gonna do a little fighting but u got no he's or anything :(]

[01:15:51] [PM from entlem: yeah :/ he has lots of moneyz for it though]

[01:16:02] [PM from entlem: and iron]

[01:16:14] [PM to entlem: yeah i was gonna see if i could buy a few for right now/]

[01:16:26] [PM from entlem: k]

[01:16:31] [PM to entlem: cool ty]

[01:16:48] [PM to entlem: what was u training on?]

[01:16:56] [PM from entlem: fluffs]

[01:17:02] [PM to entlem: wow cool]

[01:17:15] [PM from entlem: he did them really easy]

[01:17:21] [PM to entlem: would 100$ work?]

[01:17:31] [PM from entlem: with the sto?]

[01:17:46] [PM to entlem: umm no just the char]

[01:18:15] [PM from entlem: so u don't want the storage?]

[01:19:02] [PM to entlem: no that is urs u earned it i could give it 2 ur new char]

[01:19:11] [PM to entlem: or something]

[01:19:29] [PM from entlem: nah u'll need it]

[01:19:35] [PM to entlem: lol]

[01:19:49] [PM to entlem: oh i forgot u r quiting lol]

[01:20:06] [PM from entlem: u need for a tit set, HE"s, SR's, swords, etc]

[01:20:24] [PM from entlem: unless u plan to train him on fluffs naked lol

[01:21:03] [PM to entlem: lol]

[01:21:18] [PM to entlem: thats true]

[01:22:07] [PM to entlem: well if it is around 100 i can mail it monday but i need ur address]

[01:23:59] [PM to entlem: or how does 150$ sound]

[01:24:25] [PM from entlem: hmmmm]

[01:25:29] [PM from entlem: fancy was offering $120-$150 for just the character....howabout with sto $200 :> I R greedy...]

[01:26:01] [PM to entlem: well i have 200 in the bank i could do that i guess lol...because i like u ;p]

[01:26:10] [PM from entlem: ;) cool]

[01:26:26] [PM to entlem: i it cool if i play on him for a while 2day?]

[01:26:31] [PM from entlem: sure]

[01:26:32] [PM to entlem: is]

[01:26:35] [PM to entlem: sweet]

[01:26:56] [PM from entlem: u can use the gc and sell the iron too. just do whatever]

[01:27:01] [PM to entlem: do u want mikehunt ?]

[01:27:09] [PM from entlem: nah I'm ok]

[01:27:20] [PM to entlem: ok i won't use him anymore]

[01:27:33] [PM from entlem: oh and if he seems weak like against fluffs it's probably the astro]

[01:27:42] [PM to entlem: ok]

[01:28:15] [PM to entlem: ok can i have ur address]

[01:28:19] mikehunt has logged on.

[01:28:27] mikehunt has logged off.

[06:10:31] [PM to entlem: lmfao oh btw.....this isn't the same mikehunt i bought that char 2 days ago sux 2 be you...never give out yer pass remeber bye bye now.]


Anyway that is what happened

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anyway i am getting the problem solved,and micah9 and i have been talking in game but i won't pay for a char that i can't play because it is locked...anyway if u could please unlock atleast just micah9 that would be great u can keep mikehunt locked forever for all i care.i know what happened was messed up bad but he didn't have any clue what was goin to happen and i was an idiot for letting my friend use my char.anyway i am very sorry about the whole thing.

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