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Random sto sale

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Feel like feeling busy so selling:


3.9k dandelions @ 1.4gc ea

1k mullein @ 1.2gc ea

1.5k vegetables @ 0.5gc ea

2.8k nightshade @ 1.5gc ea

8k sunflowers @ 0.5gc ea


100 deer fur @ 6gc ea

72 falcon feathers @ 11gc ea

21 hawk feathers @ 14gc ea

200 feran horns @ 14gc ea

10 fur cloaks @ 35gc ea

125 snow leopard furs @ 14gc ea


330 harvest/degrade indicators @ 30gc ea


370 augmented leather pants @ 80gc ea

1 iron cuisses @ 6k

1 iron greave @ 6k


51 ghps @ 100gc ea

2 potions of alchemy @ 80gc ea


Pm me ingame or post here. I offer delivery for purchases over 6kgc :). Ty for looking.

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I'll take the feran horns :)


Actually, I'll take the snow leop furs too.


Edit 2... and deer furs :)


(edit: I blame Felk :) )

Edited by molime

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