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Storage Sale!

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5298 Mullein- 1.5gc each

2377 Tree Mushrooms- 1.5gc each



43 Silver Ore- 2gc each



2 Gold Bar- 48gc each



1 Jagged Saber- 22kgc

1 Orc Slayer- 22kgc

1 Rapier- 22kgc

8 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword- 800gc each

144 Magic arrows- 80gc each

4 Steel Long Sword- 600gc each

1 Second Hand Titanium Long Sword- 200gc

1 Elven Bow- 90kgc

1 Titanium Serpent Swords of Thermal- 345kgc



Black Dragon Armor Set (plate, damaged cuisses, greaves)- 290kgc

1 Damaged titanium plate- 39k

1 Titanium Plate Mail- 75k

2 Titanium cuisses- 36k

1 Titanium greaves- 32k

1 Crown of Life- 58k

10 Leather Helm- 35gc each

10 Augmented Leather Pants- 120gc each

10 Augmented Leather Armor- 200gc each

1 Leather Pants- 80gc

15 Leather Boots- 75gc each

3 Iron Helm- 200gc each



2 Unicorn Medallion-180gc each

1 Moon Medallion- 200gc

2 Stars Medallion-200gc each

1 Sun Medallion- 150gc

8 Ring of Valley of the Dwarves- 85gc each

1 Medallion of Life- 15kgc

7 Ring of Portland- 75gc

44 Ring of Isla Prima- 70gc

7 Ring of Mana Destruction- 250gc each

1 Ring of Massive Mana Destruction- 1500gc



13 Potion of Summoning- 10gc each

2 Potion of Body Restoration- 10gc each

8 Potion of Coordination- 10gc each

28 True Sight Potion- 70gc each

96 Invisibility Potion- 95gc each



7 Deer Antlers- 3gc each

272 Leopard fur- 3gc each

7 Fox Fur- 5gc each

19 Hawk Feather- 10gc each

6 Bear Summoning Stone- 125gc each

8 Polar Bear Fur- 10gc each

5 Raw Meat- 5gc each

15 White Tiger fur- 75gc each

16 Falcon Feather- 10gc each

1 Tiger Summoning Stone- 300gc



1 NMT cloak- 380kgc

1 Skull Crossbones Scarf- 300gc

1 Red Scarf- 300gc

1 Body Piercing Cloak- 2kgc



11 Thread- 3gc each

1 Mercury- 5gc

27 Empty Vial- 6gc each



1 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Magic- 5kgc




PM me if you want to buy anything or if you have slightly different offers. thanks

*edit*- added some more items

Edited by micah9

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17000 Health Essence- 7gc each

117 Spirit Essence- 9gc each

72 Life Essence- 4.5gc each

2 Death Essence- 9gc each

1612 Air Essence- 6c each

150 Matter Essence- 9gc each

260 Energy Essence- 8gc each

202 Magic Essence- 8gc each


All plz :~)


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300 Bones- 2.5gc each

3 Ring of Glacmor- 215gc each

8 Harvest/Degrade Indicator- 30gc each

10 Criticals Indicator- 30gc each

1 Ring of Emerald Valley- 215gc

10 A/D Indicator- 30gc each

10 Make Rare/Fail Indicator- 30gc each

10 Accuracy/Magic Indicator- 30gc each

1 Make Rare predictor- 30gc

2 Failure predictor-30gc each

1 Harvest predictor- 30gc



will buy for 3170gc?

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I'll take the feran horns, red snake skins, wolf furs and skunk furs


Edit: will take snow leopard and brown rabbit furs as well

Edited by XenaMT

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I will take all the


4000 Potion of Spirit Restoration- 14gc each


or what is left please


ngame name Anais

Edited by Ildiko

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