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Jack of All Trades Day

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It's the fighters/pkers turning this into an "anti-fighting" argument.


The first and primary HUGE difference between this and any good/bad day is that it affects everyone in a more equal manner those good/bad days do.


Those who alch/pot/whatever a lot (like myself) will also find themselves "encouraged" to try other things. That's the whole point of the day. That it's just the fighters that are whining says a LOT...




The second HUGE difference with this day is that it in no way stops you from continuing what you normally do. Green Day stops harvers completely. Peace Day (on those extremely rare occasions it appears) stops fighters completely. Fasting and Labor days stop mixers completely. This day doesn't. Less experience for (oh goddess forbid) a whole 6 hours, but you're not completely stopped like those days. It encourages you to try something else, but not to the point where it stops you from doing anything.



Now, if the fighters could quit whining long enough to figure out this isn't about just them... doubt it...

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how about reverse scholar's day or "Day of the Dumb"

today everybody gets less points.

Great idea that might work!!

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