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DPA King of the Ring Tournament

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The DPA King of the Ring tournaments are tests of close quarters combat, including magic.


DP Arena has a limit on the maximum a/d you can be to attack there.

If your combined attack and defense are over 80, you cant attack.

The failing effect of True Sight potions can lower your attack and defense down 15 levels, so a person who is a/d 55/55 can compete in this tournament.

Please do not PM me asking how to -15 TS. If you don't know, ask some fighters in-game.




Saturday, October 25th at 13:00:00 Pasific Coast time.






1. You must be able to attack in DP arena.


2. TS potion failing IS allowed.

Your ability to attack will be checked before each fight by you attacking ( ), and immediately fleeing.


3. Attack and Defense Potions are NOT allowed. All other potions ARE allowed.

Your a/d must stay in a state that means you can attack in the arena for the duration of the fight, so no going to positive food after combat has begun either.

(If you suspect the person your fighting has raised their a/d after the attack test, you can screenshot the exp you get off them and send it to me along with a sceenshot of your stats and your god status. Based on that i can determine their a/d at the time of screenie, if i determine they've cheated, they'll be disqualified and banned from any future events i run.)


4. Certain weapons and items are NOT allowed, they are as follows:

BRoD and BoD.

Normal Branch and Bone.

The Bronze Sword.

Ranging equipment (bows/crossbows/quivers).




5. This is a test of strategy and strength


6. All castable magic spells ARE allowed.


7. Disengagement rings ARE allowed.

If you diss/flee and stay in the arena the fight can continue, if you diss/flee and walk out of the arena, even just for a second, you forfeit the battle.

You can disengage/flee from combat up to 1 time. If you diss/flee a 2nd time you forfeit the battle.


8. No outside Help of any kind..


9. Laying Mines during or before the event is NOT allowed.

Applies to all kinds of Mines and Caltrops.


10. Ranging is NOT allowed.

If a bow, crossbow or quiver is equipped, at any point, you will instantly lose the fight. Repeatedly breaking this rule (or any rule) will get you disqualified and banned from all future events i run.


The Tournament Layout:


Key example: R1F1-L = Round1_Fight1-Loser - The loser of Fight 1, Round 1.


Round 1:

fight 1: player1 vs player2

fight 2: player3 vs player4

fight 3: player5 vs player6

fight 4: player7 vs player8


Round 2:

fight 1: R1F1-L vs R1F2-L

fight 2: R1F3-L vs R1F4-L


Round 3:

fight 1: R1F1-W vs R1F2-W

fight 2: R1F3-W vs R1F4-W


Round 4:

fight 1: R2F1-W vs R3F2-L

fight 2: R2F2-W vs R3F1-L


Round 5 (* need to see at the time who has fought who *)

(if the opponents (column 2) can be swapped so everyone is fighting someone new, i will do so, if not, no change... you may end up fighting someone you've already fought.)


fight 1: R3F1-W vs *R4F2-W

fight 2: R3F2-W vs *R4F1-W



R5F1-W vs R5F2-W



The winner gets Full Steel set and becomes the best DPA fighter of ALL TIME


2nd place winner gets CoL


3rd place winner gets Full Iron Armor


4th place winner gets MoL


Additonal prizes will be given for people that attend, that we will give and anounce during the event


All prizes provided by LION guild.


Signing up, and conclusion:


Please reply here if you would like to compete.

The first 10 people to apply will get the spots, anyone after that will be a backup in case someone doesn't show up on the day.

If you don't have a forum account, contact LIONS guild (please try to pm either Celace or Unforgivin first)


It is possible for a competitor to fight up to 5 times. Bring everything you need for that many fights.

If you don't have enough space in your inventory for everything you want, I will allow people to make storage runs, but i'd much prefer if you ask a guildmate or friend to come and watch and hold some items for you.

If you are going to goto storage please be quick about it.


Everyone will fight at least twice. So it's possible for you to die twice... you cant possibly die more than twice, because the way it's structured if you die twice you're out of the tournament.

Giving back the contents of deathbags will be up to the battle victor, so if your wearing expensive armors i suggest rostos.

Remember: You can diss and walk out of the arena to end the fight.


Spectators are welcome, but please do not sit on the side of the arena that has the entry.

Everyone Note; I will be asking for assistance from the game moderators to help deal with anyone who tries to cause trouble



Signed up competitors:








Peeves - backup

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Well would be cool if you knew anyone to come and play in this event, or if you can still attack in DPA that would rock. If you know anyone just have them PM Dilly and she will add there name:) Thanks bro...

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Great to see this style of event happening! ^^


Good luck Dil :) :)


lol.. you provided the perfect setup for a post, my guildies just finished it and I'm nothing more than the poster on forum :)

Thanks Kor :P

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Tokie is on re-set,but will attend,if I can get the day off of work.

Tokie will use the following items : Leather Helm,Leather Torso,Leather Leg and Boots,Steel Shield with Titanium Long.

Tokie will not use HE's or SR's,cast any Magic,nor wear CoL/MoL,or any Medallion,or use any rings.

Tokie will go 1 on 1,as-is,to see how long He can last,as a test to see just how long He can go.

Anyone who knows me,knows I'm a Man of my Word,so if anyone else out here cares to try me"as-is",feel free to bring it!

p.s. Roman-Greco is also acceptable. ...any takers ?


Tokie of #nU Guild

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announcing with so much sadness, now that i see what time is this event in my local time i have to say i won't be able to come :omg:

thanks a lot for arranging this event and good luck to all participants :wacko:

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I want to be put as a back-up fighter instead, I told Unforgivin that I probably wouldnt be able to make it as it's the weekend that i'm visiting my family. The contest is 9pm GMT, so there's a tiny chance that i'll be free to go on EL.

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It was fun :unsure:


After some short, some longer fights, Unforgivin turned out to be this round's King of the Ring and won a full steel set.


2nd place winner gets CoL - Peeves

3rd place winner gets Full Iron Armor - Saint

4th place winner gets MoL - Gildrig

5th place 250 HE and 30 srs- Wannabe_da_best 250 HE and 30 srs

6th place 250 HE and 30 srs - Darkness


Good job all of you, and thanks for participating!

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Thank you Dilly for your hard work on this event. Also thanks to OZ and Max for helping with this event. And also for the LION guild for helping with these prizes. Was a great turn out and thanks again for all the fighters and watchers that came to the DPA event.



I remain

Unforgivin DPA King of the Ring

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