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Run Run as fast as you can ReMuS

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Ok Its time for ReMuS to come out to play


He's very shy :) and hides and runs (very low lvl and doesn't heal)


So if you are a good tracker find him Kill him


All of his slots will be filled with goodies and you get what he drops


Just be aware of other players they might PK you on site



Also a new event will follow


Find me and pick a bag


Rules : are no Armour/cols weapons to be warn/carried just naked you can carry dis rings and other stuff if you want


Reason for this is there will be 3 bags on the floor in front of me first person to find me chooses 1 bag then second person chooses 1 and so on


I will pk you if you try to get a second bag


The reason for the rules are 2 of the bags will have items made from efe's and the third will be worthless


ReMuS Event will start at 20-00 GMT on sunday 31st


Find me pick a bag will be shortly after ( prizes will be Serp sword, Vial Mold, and secret prize)


Hope you can make it


Handy Thor

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Run around Whitstone



It took a while everone running around whitestone trying to find ReMuS


Lots of pking


ReMuS was leaving bags everywhere fo players to find walked pass some playrs but was not seen until WoodeH found him`and ended his little run


Gratz on the mm cape amoung other thinks



Find me pick a bag


Syanide was first to find me


so i placed 3 bags on the floor


1 had vial mold second serp sword and third large landmine primed


Syanide picked the mine and went to Hell :blush:


Then WoodeH came in and got Serp sword Followed by Yaser who got vial mould


Gratz to you all


32 players were online so alot of fun


Till Next time



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Great contests! I actually caught sight of ReMuS once but lost him in the dark... better than I normally do!


It was good to see so many players on at once, I shut down my alts for better performance with just one client. A few more books and levels and I'll be able to contribute some prizes for upcoming events (Kaldoon too!)

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I think I died more times in these two contests than I did in the multi-ogre/fluff invasion a few days ago, but fun, fun, fun! Thank you, Handy for a great event! Hunting white dots was a nice change. (Even though you blew me up. :icon13: )


Kudos to Woodeh/Bugs who had a chance to pk me during the second event in the portals room, but followed the rules. Paid off for him because he followed me into MM and got the prize. Thank you for resisting Woodeh!

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