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Selling a couple of things

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This is just a couple of things in my storage that i dont need or dont use.


890 vegies

1.1k blue lupines

1.5k white asiatic lilly

1.5k gyp

1 steel axe

1 tit long

1 tit short sword

1 damaged iron plate

1 iron cuisses

110 SR's

130 dear fur

1 black buccaneer hat

1 black scarf

1 mm cloak

1 white robe skirt

1 white robe

1 fast regeneration cloak

165 merc

244 ashes

1 book of tit short construction

1 book of tit/steel short of fire

1 book of pl ring building

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I offer 4k for white skirt


Sorry the lowest ill go is 5.5k but ill except some items in trade

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