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Intro: =D read the later parts of it =D makes sense dont it.

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Nan de Na – Intro


(Location: WSC Church construct.)


Priest: Hello.


Player: Hi, this place…


Priest: Yes, this is the holy chapel of <Elements name>


Player: who is <Elements name>?


Priest: I see, would you like me to explain about the elements?




Player: Sure.


Priest: There are many beliefs as to where to gods or elements came from, from what we already know; all of them could be true. Elements are what hold the world together; some say each element is needed to keep the balance that sustains us. What we of the church believe in; is our faith, which is what we hold on to. However it is seen clearly through worldly events that elements war with one another as well as rejoice with one another.


Player: So an element is god? Where I come from we only knew of one such being.


Priest: Yes, small villages usually withdraw themselves to only one god. However there are eight elements. You can check with my second to find all the gods and their allegiances.


<Player checks with the Cleric. >


Priest: You return, not to mention you seem a bit more enlightened.




Player: Yes, I have decided to join the religion of <elements name (option)>


Priest: Very good, however I am a priest not a true high priest, you’ll need to visit a temple worshiping the element of your choice and ask if you can become a worshipper.


Player: Thank you.



High Priest: Good day child, how may I humbly be of aid to you?




Player: Hello, I wish to serve the element of <elements name>.


High Priest: Hmm, you seem to be a fine character indeed; you may join us at anytime as a fellow believer.


Player: That’s all?


High Priest: Yes, did you expect something of a more complex design?


Player: … Yes?


High Priest: (Laughs) Yes many do, but that is the first step you are taking in your life as a part of a religion. By the time your life comes to it’s closing hours you will understand much more.


Player: I thought when you got older you normally get wiser…


High Priest: Being wise is a job for the ones whose eyes are open enough to judge themselves before others.


Player: Well what do I do now?


High Priest: Would you like me to explain about what adjoining yourself with a element really means?




Player: Ok.


High Priest: Joining yourself with a element not only places you in a position of responsibility but you are also blessed with the watchful eye of the element. You will be given access to the magical abilities that lie within prayers. However unlike normal magic prayers consume faith and only in committing yourself will you be allowed to conjure such powers.



(Options 1)


Player: Committing, how do I commit?


High Priest: Your words allow you to child, but actions often speak in novels.



(Options 2)

Player: Ok, so what I do affects how my god sees me.


(After this point the player goes out on well developed quests leading to the player questioning the validity of the religion, the player seeks audience with the High Priest once more.)


Player: I’m sorry, but I can’t carry on with a lie.


High Priest: Child?


Player: I’ve seen allot of the world since I commited myself to this religion. I understand its morals are very basic and fundamental; I just don’t want to represent something that I am through a being that doesn’t exist. That would just mean that my idea of how life should be doesn’t exist, and if that doesn’t exist – then I don’t exist either. My ideas make me who I am.


High Priest: I agree with you child, I too once questioned this religion – no religion on a whole, I wondered why would I believe in such things to begin with. Maybe it was for a sense of security no matter how false it was. Then, there was a sage who acted in the role of a high priest.


Player: Aren’t sages’ priests?


High Priest: Ha, ha – no child a sage isn’t a priest, a sage is a champion above all who unlike a warrior who fights his enemies to defend the innocent a sages mere presence is enough to allow individuals around him to feel secure. Just as this sage was on the side of right and could easily in any case distinguish what is wrong I realized I too was on the side of right and that the symbol of the god that we worship existent or not remain the same. I believe too that there is an element god but I more so believe in my faith of what I believe. That is my chain with no weakness.


Player: A sage…


High Priest: But you must discover your own reason, I would advise to a pilgrimage.


Player: Excuse?


High Priest: Ha, ha – It’s up to you if you want to take this journey but just know that if you say yes or no your have made your step on your own, and many other strides will be the same.




Player: Yes, I want to take this pilgrimage, but where should I begin?


High Priest: Hmmm I don’t exactly know; try praying to our god tonight and maybe god will answer you.


Player: Faith then…



---- Chapter 1: A Heretics Faith.


Will be posted in (1) weeks---------

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