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A few things for sale

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Hi, I've some things useless in storage, they're now for sale ;)






5k Silver Ore


8 Iron Broad Sword

1 S2E Sword

7 Wooden Battle Hammer

4 Iron Battle Hammer

3k Bones

16 Steel Longs


1 Halberd


2k LE's


Steel Cuisses & Greaves

1 Mirror Cape

1 Purple Robe Set

1 Black Tricorn Hat


1 Skull Crossbone Scarf




Feasting Potions +1k

Iron Plate & Greaves

Potions of a/d, Physique, Evasion, Wildness, Accuracy





Leave a message here if interested or PM LiL_mAAz in game :whistle:

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I will take all LEs, silver ores, and S2E. Let me know your price.

and might take halberd too just depends on price.

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