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Buying & Selling

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Buying and Selling the following items:






HE [6]

Fox Furs [6.5]


Will Removal Stones [11k]

Physique Removal Stones (1) [4k]

Enrichment Stones [6.2k]

Serpent Stones [7k]

Rostogol Stones [5k]

EFE's [10k]


Steel Chains

Steel Shields (a few)

Iron Helms

Serpent Sword (for ingreds + cash?)

Iron Cuiss/Greave


MOL (for ingreds + cash?)


Perk Removal Stones:

ICD removal

Maybe others if think they are worth it.




Deer Fur

Deer Antlers

FE [3.5]

DE [7.5]

LE [3.5]

EDE [?]



Magic Sword

Ice Sword

Elf Fighting

Tit Smelt

Tit Short of Fire

Iron Sword of Fire




Probably more but i'm not in a hurry anyway :P


Forum PM, or catch me ingame,


ProHibited (& Hibernate)

Edited by BlackFalcon

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Notice: As of now i will not trade with: Bugspray or Grumpy or any of their alts or Prohibited


Well NP, but Cant be online atm :P

I guess ill catch ya tomorrow.




Got over that, but will only trade with bugs or grumpy when i know who is on the character. :)

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