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Concerning the activities of the character Storm_Shadow

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To whom it may concern,


Hello, I am the real person behind the character Storm_Shadow and I have come to the realization that over the past 2 weeks, my character has been a very bad boy. I am here to clarify things. First of all, I had a friend in Real Life that was staying here in my home during that time. His house was forclosed on and he was without a home, so out of the kindness of my heart I allowed him to stay here. I was not home alot during this 2 weeks, as I was busy trying to fight for his home, as in this town I am very well politically connected (having inherited my parent's company that pretty much runs things in this neck of the woods). And during that time, my friend, who I'll only divulge his name is Chris, (no last name for legal reasons)

found my eternal lands acct name and password on my desk in my pc room, and used it. Its obvious that he did, as one time I returned home to find him on the EL client and recognized my own character up there.

I did get upset, and I placed him in an apartment, since he made it obvious that I cannot trust him in any capacity alone with my property in my home. I do apologize openly and publically to any and all people this may have caused any discomfort to. I also want to try to remind everyone that since I was not there and this was done without my knowledge, I had no knowledge of this going on. I do NOT even attempt to say that its not my responsibility, I am responsible for my character, and its actions as I created it and its password is mine. If I had hidden my password and acct name, instead of letting it be in plain sight for all who come here to see, I wouldnt be having tp explain this. It was an irresponsible move on my part and for that I am truly sorry. I assure you all that I have already changed my password, I found out about my bio and changed that too.

My password will remain hidden in a safe place, where no one but me will have access to it. As far as my bio, my story in fan fiction MAY be similar, but it does not reflect upon my own opinions and beliefs as far as an EL character. YES ITS TRUE I DONT LIKE MORTOS BUT ONLY BECAUSE IF YOU SERVE MORTOS YOU CANT SERVE ALUWEN. I choosing defense, magic, and alchemy gods when the alchemy god is introduced.

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I absolutely hate to come out with such crass sayings, but I simply cannot resist...



Q: Does your ass get jealous when you speak so much shit?



What a complete load. Not only have you drawn attention to yourself (you could've faded into obscurity, you know), you've done it in a very stupid way as to concoct this tall-tale. A PM to the people involved, namely Acelon, would have been much, much more appropriate.

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wait so like id you Frame that pice of paper on your desk and also drawn some hearts and flowers around the reading and in huge leatters put GO HERE--- MY ETERNAL LANDS password and also did you give directions to your computer profile password too? darn you must have a forgetting memory and be a "runner of a company to not remember a password .....

and howd he figyre it was EL it could of bean email or any other thing like to a forum .... O YEA NEXT TIME PLEASE dont write a CHAPTER :P

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