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The moon is turning red....

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I went to bed at 2:00 am in order to participate to it but it was worth it!!! :P

It was a really great invasion, well done Acelon!


Now going to work with the head you know where... :(:P

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i resynced all the way through selains temple and still killed about 50+ snakes..


but other than that GREAT INVASION>> :P:(

perhaps i missed you saying it, but i didn't notice you call out the snakes until after you'd killed them all. i know others were hacking away at bobs, boy and girl armed gobs, armed skeletons and gargs without letting the rest of us know they were there, until i walked up on them. and there were PLENTY of them!


point is, if ppl keep a group of beasts to themselves, of course the rest of us are going to be bored, unless we get lucky to come up on them.


if you DID call them out before, sorry i missed it, because i would have loved to wade through a bunch of snakes.


Too short? It was like 2 hours :P

agreed. plenty of time to get your fight on. anyone who didn't get at least a handful of monsters just wasn't looking.

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Who would complain if a nice balance of weak to hard monsters were place on every single map (except IP, of course)...


in the thousands!



There are 59212 invaded monsters left.


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This invasion was what invasions should be like :P


I was on C2 when it started and was on the way to Ida as i heart of hordes of yeti, chims etc... :Bit too strong for me and sertainly on a multi combat map.

So i bad feeling crawld up, OMG not a again a weak in WS and way too strong in IDA.. Still i went to WSC entering a horde of armed gobs, fighting my way through, watching channel 6 for info. So many gobs were trying to hold me back but i still managed to check some bags and finally found an Invasion Token, a fem gob was having it in her backpack.


Then there it was, the passage between C1&C2 is invaded by mid lvl monsters, Mortos was finally listening to the avarage fighter who didn't want to whipe clean White Stone so the less strong fighters could start learning to defend there beloved lands. I rushed to the nearest storage, thank you Scotty for the fast beam, got me a PA ring and jumped in the middle of a raging horde of Trolls.


Then it all went mad, (armed) Orc's, Ogre, Troll supported by animal on the ground and from the air, as soon as you thought you could take a breath you were attacked by the next. Then Mortos got the wierd idea, He tried to take over scotty's buisiness :( . We had a good laugh :P some who it happended to where so confused, anyway taking advantage of that free trip, restock, dont forget MI essy's and back to make sure the hordes couldn't reach Seridia.


A Giant must had made his way out of Ida and was wandering towards Seridia, But there was Dman :hehe: blocking his was, protecting the weak :icon13:


We thought, ok this must have been it, we have stand the hordes, Mortos must have been defeded.

Wrong, he has an evil mind, he send the the worst of the worst , atleast for those that have not too much expierence in invasions, White Tigers, Grizzly Bears, smelly Trolls, stinking Ogre, Armed Orc and expierenced Feros where fighting they'r way towards Serida.


A few of us died, some had to flee, but we did the job, PA was safe again. Mortos defeded, the lands where safe again.



:icon13: for the fighters that again choose the right place to defend

:icon13: :icon13: to the mods who arranged this and specialy made it still happen after the spamzor problems we had before.



The way the monster mixture was in PA was great, fightable creatures mixed with a few strong ones. that imho are invasion like they should be.

WS missed that bid, there could have been some ogre, or even a cyclops between the hordes of goblins, Or a (white) tiger between the racoons :happy: No bears on easy parts of invasions, the new army of defenders normaly cant use MI yet or atleast have to learn they could need it.

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Was fun! :)


Was hoping for some trolls and ogres in WS but there was none killed a bunch of other stuff at the crafting house in Orvale mountain and some other things in Grahms the rest i missed almost all hte time, got there too late when everything was dead but it was great to be apart of an invasion again, was a long time since i was in one.


Well done and do it again! :)

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now i'm getting really sad that i missed it.


This is the same feeling when i missed new years.


Hope there is another one soon.


maybe like an end of the summer invasion.

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