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Leonards Story

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Well, Leos been around for quite some time now, But no one has stopped to give him a story like the gargoyles of White stone.


Well heres my story:


Mortos was angry because the new continent was providing many visitors and had lots of treasures, This made people happy- When people are happy however, Mortos tends not to be. First he tried invasions- But Aluwen always caused them to end or caused a No Drop Day. Then he made viscous creatures such as dragons, But Aluwen banished them to desolate caves in dangerous areas where travelers don't go often. Finally he devised a plan- He would create the perfect creature. Intelligence , Speed , Strength and stealth rolled into one. At first he was going to make a tortoise that shot flame from its mouth... But that didn't seem to match any of those quality's. He browsed the encyclopedia looking for an animal that by nature was harmless that he could improve. He came upon the panda- "Ah yes- his name will be Kung Fu Panda and he will kill travelers with the power of... KUNG FU " But Dreamworks had other ideas saying it was a breach of copyright. Mortos was sued and... Anyway Back to the story- He searched again, He was aiming for a monster like Fluffy Rabbit- But better. It was than he spotted the leopard, Gettit? Spotted Leopard? Oh ok never mind. The Leopard had Intelligence , Speed , Stealth and strength, Mortos fed it many coordination,accuracy,invisibility(Which Didn't work properly), Physique,attack,defense and will potions and then used a binding stone to make the effects long term. "I will call him Killer the Kitten" Said Mortos, He then released him into the wild- but gave him the power to level take items from dead corpses, change maps and move fast. At first the leopard was going to work 24/7 but Aluwen found out and made him allergic to light- He cannot go near lamps or stay out at day- he goes to Mortos's caves and sleeps in the day time and comes out at night. He kills many adventures and hangs their excavator capes on his cave wall. Mortos's name Killer the Kitten wore off and adventures renamed him to Leonard, The leopard . And to this day he has killed many- Silently, Stealthily, and fast. He mocks the dead on the channel made for him- channel 6 as in 666- Mortos's number Phone number. He is the essence of evil- Many brave fighters challenge him, But he has the power to flee, Damn that kitten :)


Well- Thats my story, Probably full of bad grammar :D

POST YOUR LEONARD STORY HERE! (Or comments on mine)


P.s I couldn't decide weather this should be in story's or gen chat :\ Can a moderator move it if its in the wrong place?

#edit Thanks for moving it :)


Thanks For Reading! :P

Edited by Gildrig!

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