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Prize - Winning Guild gets to keep the accounts



The idea


6 hour PK competition on the PK Server.

Teams of 5 elements would compete amongst them selves for the title.

All accounts will be created with 20/20 a/d and added to a guild (ie. AAAA, BBBB, CCCC, etc). The characters in the competition can only attack or get attacked by other characters competing.

Each character gets a limited amount of items to use during the competition (ie. 10 leather armor sets, 5 enhanced wood shields, 5 iron swords, 1 steel chainmail, 1 steel shield, 1 titanium short sword, 1000 health essences, 100 Potions of Spirit Restoration, 100 Potions of Body Restoration)

Trading with other characters on the server that aren't part of the competition is not allowed

Human Nexus limited to 3


During the first 5 hours (the players can use it mainly to train and build their characters up for the final hour)

1 kill = +1 point

1 death = -1 point


During the 6th hour (total war between competing guilds)

1 kill = +5 points

1 death = -5 points


Guild with more points after the 6h competition gets to keep the characters they used.

Additional prizes:

1 titanium long sword for each character



One question though. Is this possible Radu?

Answer: Yes. :)


For now we need to find a person(s) to Mod the even and trim this idea the right way to make it happen.

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The problem might be 5 hours.


From my experiences its even hard enough to have some ppl online together for one hour :)



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This even would have to be set during a weekend and for the characters to train and make it more interesting it should have a longer duration.


If such an event can be held on the PK Server a specific time will have to be found (usually when there are more active players) to hold it. :)

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This is a great idea. With a lot of advertising on main server and in events forum (don't forget the calendar!) I guarantee we'd get a lot of people come try it out. It would be great exposure for the server and give people a chance to see some of the PK server differences.


Piper's right that a lot people wouldn't get to be around for the whole 6 hours, but by having it that long, we're increasing the chance that lots of people could come in for a couple hours.


I love it.

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I got a pm from Ent saying this event/idea is possible. Still, Ent can't Mod it.


For now we will have to wait for a decision on a name(s) to Mod the event.

After there is a name we can define the idea to make it happen.


For those with good ideas ON TOPIC, feel free to post and help to make this idea better ;)

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