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Skyler posting:


I am putting Egow guild and Ego2 guild to an end. I would like to thank all members, especially the ones that have been with me for the past two years, for making this game enjoyable. This game and its community truely makes me happy. If you have been allies or friends with us, I thank you for your kind hearts and giving us the opportunity to become closer as a guild.

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OMG Skyler :o


This just makes me sad :(


I was a proud member of eGow and had many great times.


I dont know what else to say other than....


IM SPEACHLESS :P:):(:cry: :cry:

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hmmmm is there any thing that can be done?



Yes kurok I ll make eGow again


Sky good luck with your really busy RL

I loved this guild you created too much to let it die so easy.

Wish I had logged in earlier today so could save those 30Kgc :)

Allies and friends please IG us or PM me to "refresh" our relationship and tag colors

(I warn you I am bad for leader and very slow in organsing things and afk a lot :P )

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