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That's quite kk. I didn't watch the full vid - Too lazy to look for the accidents. :D


Once on vacation in Spain I sat in a bar of the camping I was at looking a big flatscreen TV..

They were playing some videos of free arenas that are set up in the middle of some town and anyone from the village can run in and "play" with the bull.


Such a run isn't too bad I think, the arena stuff is a lot worse considering they try to run from one side to the other and one can get picked up once in a while.

I also remember seeing one guy jump on a platform in the middle of the arena with some others. The bull jumped up and everyone jumped off, him too but he slipped and stayed laying on the floor (maybe a wise choice), unfortunatly, the bull jumped off at that side and landed on the guys head with its back feet(?).


At that very same camping they also had a small arena where they let even small kids play in the arena with little bulls..

(the kind you can hold off easily by just grabbing their horns and pushing them back.. but still dangerous for kids I think. :x)



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