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Server Update

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New command: #ignore_bots

It does what you'd expect it to do, however it is only for channels, not for local or PM. Typing the command again will unignore them. Note that this will work for ALL the channels, not just marketing.


New perk: One

Mines, caltrops, wards, etc. hurt you in non PK maps as well. The Undereworlds, and the Underworlds alone, are an exception.


New perk: The Underworlder

Allows you to use the teleport to portal rooms (both versions), and teleport rings directly from the underworld. A good idea if you chose to get One.


New Perk: The Summoner

Gives 10 more summoning levels for the purpose of calculating your creature's attack, 20 more levels for the purpose of calculating their defense, as well as +5% more critical to hit and to damage.


The Artificer perk has been reintroduced.

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