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Goodbye George Carlin

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George Carlin moved out of this mortal coil Sunday, at aged 71.


Loved the guys humor, sometimes hard to stomach, definately offensive but hey , you love em or you hate em.


Thanks George Carlin, for your comic genius


You made me laugh so much, and I hope you even enlightened some people through comedy.


Peace out Mr Carlin

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He's happy now I'll bet! I can hear him echoing through the aether: "Ha! Told ya so!!"


George Carlin is a mighty hero of mine (Mugwump too, now that I realize I'm Piggy today...) I wore down the LP's "Class Clown" and "FM & AM" to the point of white noise back in my adolescence, and still perk up at the sound of his name. I cherish my cassettes recorded off the radio with interviews and routines of his.


As a matter of fact, he was instrumental (along with Zappa and many others) in my belief that television is not for me. Sure, George Carlin has appeared on the Boob Tube many times, even had his own show. I can imagine him saying: "Hey, it's fine to BE on teevee. Just don't WATCH the fuckin' thing! If you do, the shit that comes out your ears may not be your own!"


I did the YouTube thing on him, and of course there are oodles of pages of clips of repeats of routines of Carlin of too much... All I can say is these three aren't the best but they follow his career somewhat. He was real square when I was a kid, suit and tie and just a hint of edgy humor George Carlin does John F. Kennedy. His humor became very dry and preachy in the last decade or so, which suits me just fine. He is right on the money here

. In between, there was tons of funny
. These are really worth five minutes of reverence, even if you only spend a few minutes with each. While on YouTube check out his "Seven Dirty Words" routine. It is the epitome of hipocracy for my generation and still carries weight in the next century.


Thank you, George. You told me so!


Edited by Piggy

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