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nathshig got banned i want to know why

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its been a month now so can nathshig plz be unbanned cause thats what was told me when i got bann

Actually, you were yet again locked for illegal multiplaying. Your time is not up, because this is not your first strike.

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First, I merged all your separate topics into one thread. Please stop making new threads for the same issue.

Secondly, it's not been seven months.

Thirdly, I never said 2 months, repeat offenders get extended bans, and some examples were listed, nothing in stone.


You can have nathshig back but you are not allowed to share any characters either yours with someone else or use somebody elses. You can have no alts, and no "cousins". If I see this not followed, not only will you get your character(s) relocked but you will earn yourself an IP ban for an indefinite amount of time.

I also suggest you do a refresher course on the rules, with special note of rule 5.

Do you nderstand and agree?

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