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Why hello again eternal lands =). I return with music!


Some guitar videos i uploaded


*NEW* Mike Hudak (ME!) - Thinking of You



Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall



Pink Floyd - Wish you were here



Ludwig Van Beethoven - Fur Elise



Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody


Judy Garland - Over The Rainbow


*New* Nobuo Uematsu - Aria De Mezzo Carattere from final fantasy VI



*New* Nobuo Uematsu - Suteki Da Ne from final fantasy X


Nobuo Uematsu - Kids Run Through the City Corner from final fantasy 4


Nobuo Uematsu - Fishermans Horizonfrom final fantasy 8


Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World


Blues Improv


Freddie King - Hideaway



Blues Solo



Fraggle Rock Theme song



Yasunori Mitsuda - Wind Scene from chrono trigger

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Nobuo Uematsu is one of my favourite composers.

I can play most of his stuff on the Piano, but never seen on the Guitar. Well done ;p


Edit, Spelling. ;/

Edited by Ryosuke

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