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RC Detonators?

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hello all,

i started the skill engineering a while ago and i have to say that this is so much fun! \o/

i am glad that more and more new items appear so that i will have lots of books that wants to be read by piiia...

now i heard that new mines will be released!

but all i got to know was the name: RC Detonators. plz can you link me to the topic where is exlpained what their effect will be and so on?

i am from germany and i am not that firm in english, so that i maybe overread something important, cause i have no clue what the difference to the usual mines will be!

btw i will get this book at once, anyway! hehe

have fun all

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RC means Radio Controlled, so the mine does not explode until you tell it to.


First you place an RC Mine (or many of them ;) ), then you move away, and wait for your enemy to come near the mine. Then use a detonator, and all your mines will explode together. This means of course not every mine will explode directly under the feet of the target.


In the red zone the mine does 45 damage if the target is wearing no armour (I have engineering level 0 by the way)

Orange: 15

Yellow: 9

Green: 5

Further: not tested.



You should note that the detonator can only be used ONCE, and requires an enriched magic essence to make, so it is worth using it to detonate many mines together.

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thank you extrapolation,...

i missed the test on the test server a few days ago and i am happy that you could explain it to me! ;)

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