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Swiss army knife to manipulate Eternal Land maps

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We're pleased to present the version 0.0.2 of ELMapTools.


XlurP and me, we've made a Java toolkit to manipulate the "Landes Eternelles" (French version of Eternal Lands) maps files. As the format of maps is identical between the two games, these tools are also usable with Eternal lands


Currently ELMapTools consists of four tools (in command line) :

- ELMapMaker : tool that can manipulate elm map files. It can create new maps with desired tiles and heights, delete objects in a zone, extract a zone to create a new map, copy a zone in another zone, etc ...

- ELGridMerge & ELLineMerge : tools that can concatenates several maps to create an unique new map. Either in grid or either in a line. This tools can be used to assembly many little house interior maps in a big map with a 4 tiles spacing to prevent the voice spread between houses.

- ELMapList : tool that listed object in elm map files.


The road map is :

- A tool to merge the maps.

- Support of rotate and Mirror tools in ELMapMaker.

- A tool to list differences between two maps version in ELMapList

and many ideas in the box


This toolkit is available on the dev site

You can find on it the english documentation (translated with an acid humor by our friend Grenouille) and the files


On my blog, you can find some examples of uses (sorry blog in french, automated translation by google)


XlurP and Etory


Sorry for my bad english :)

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