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Really needed to ban me?

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Why did you have to BAN me from test server?

First of all, I LEFT before you banned, so why o why?


No reply to my PM, so I'm posting here. Really curious.


I did a little mistake in believing you wanted ppl above a/d 50, but you meant Top rank 50.

Ya I know.. lol lmao 'n all that...


I try to help out on test server as much as I can, because I really enjoy it.

I'm sorry for my mistake. But I feel a ban is far from right. Did I break any written rule? I even heard a MOD recently talking to someone and said, you can be on the test server as long as you don't interfere (?)


I don't see a point, except giving all pr0's a good laugh.


They are still laughing.





I think I'm satisfied with so many ppl just reading the post. This is what happened and I don't expect anything from what I've learned. Not even a reply.. unban, apology or opinion. It's not my loss in any way. I choose to stay off test server. What upsets me is that this is the first "wrong" I've done in my EL-life and I far from agree or understand :/





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I just heard there was a bunch of people on test server watching. Not even top200.

And people were adviced not to attack them.

What the hell ist that?


That really upsets me. And makes me really sad.

This is the game's top god/admin :D


I cant find words. But I'm staying away from lots of them.


God dammit!


*Edit: Details..


I'm leaving EL for a while - because I love it.

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