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Whats the best way to make gc?

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Get a company and make steel bars at the correct spots :)


Me and LadyAz made 10k steel bars in 2 days very easily. and sold for 500kgcs. Not that bad :)




EDIT# We made/harved everything on our own, including FP's :)

rofl bullshit pls.


edit : i decided to prove my point :P


steel bar takes 12 food, so 10k steel bars takes 10000*12 food, so it takes 120k/50 fps which gives us 2400fps without any fails.


so just for the FPs it takes


2400 Empty Vial

2400 Wine

2400 Raw Meat

2400 Vegetables

2400 Fruits


and 10k steel bars is :


80000 Iron Ores

50000 Coals

30000 Fire Essences


and 30000 fire essences takes


30000 sulfur, red roses and red snaps. and 30000 food so 30000/50= 600 FPs which takes 600 fruits etc...


in 2 days = impossible coz you also gotta hunt those raw meats :)


kadlub just epic lied but got busted :)

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lol srry kad tht was 6k bars you did and she bought FPs from npc <3

even 6k bars is impossible in 2 days :)

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Teleport into Z with 312 FE and 150 bones

Harv 20 fruit

Go into caves and harv 520 coal and move it to iron - took me 3 turns.


Harv 80 iron - try and make 10 bars

Do it 10 times => 100 steel bars.

Eat fruit and bones as available.


Start time when entering Z from portals until made bars of FE about 45 minuts or about 5Kgc/h (cost for FE + bones subtracted).


Do it for 12 hours per day and you can make 60Kgc/day. 2 persons a 2 days gives a total of about 240Kgc profit in 2 very long days.


It might be possible to make it more efficient if it are two persons that help each other then 1 who does it all alone by having one that transport everything and the other sits and harvest and alching.

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lol why dont you just go ask xenamt? :P



EL gc enrichment plan 101


find removals and win contests - yes, it's that easy :P

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How can it be, that a topic about making GC the fastest turns into a flame about who kills who in KF and who scams who for what?

Even tho scamming people is probably the fastest way to make good money, i dont think people would like scamming as their mane income..


On Topic:


In this game i alch/pot and harv the most.

I harv coal and make fire ess to make steel bars at the spot, this way i get steel bars and iron ore for selling.

When i don't wanna make anything, i harv mullein and wormwood for some smaller cash.


Now im gonna buy like 125k chrys to make he's at the spot, to sell some he's..


I harv all the stuff to make srs and sell them.


It might not be the fastest way to make some money, but it helps me survive in this game and it gives me some nice exp of course to survive the massive resets ive had during my 4 years of EL life :)

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2.go to Hurquin secret emerald spot :lipssealed: and bring some lilacs

3.harvest emeralds, chrys and fruits :pickaxe:

4.make magic essies

5.sell to NPC for 6.67

6.have lots of gc :pickaxe:



:D :D :D

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well, before i started to craft moon medallions and rings,


i was harvesting lots of mullein, for xp, every hour and

on a day when i had nothing better to do i went to irsis

selling the mullein to flowershop.


now if i need gc fast i make HE's or simple rings like

dis-rings or moonies...


btw if you mix a lot, spend the pps for bone-eater perk

its real nice.

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a good way i did it was harv a ton of mums in arius(i generally harvest ~10k before stopping, so 2-3 hours worth at max), then go and harvest a big bag ol' silver in MM near the bots, harvest enough to make ~2-5k he's, now harvest double that, have someone haul it and split silver, while they are hauling, mine more silver and sell the excess to bots. Go to storage and mix.


great way to make ~15k in not decent time, not best gc/h, but hell semi afk=win in this case.


Figure he's sell for 8 a pop, even if you pay someone to haul silver for you, say you harvest 8k silver, thats 4k he's, you pay them 8kgc(1gc/silver) or 12k(1.5/silver), you have mums harvested, make ~3800 he's on a bad day(200 crit fails), sell 3800 he's @8 a pop, 26.4k, thats a 14.4k profit at 1.5/silver, now factor in say bones, which is 2/bone, takes ~2800 bones, so 5.6k, so 6.4k profit on this over a couple of hours.


Now thats if you buy/pay for haul all but mums. If you train on mobs that drop bones/farm them its cheaper and more of a gc gain.



Steel bars are also a great way to do them, takes longer as the ingredients weigh more, but a much higher payout if you harvest everything yourself.

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