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Hi guys,


There's been some confusion and problems with how to handle pk event advertising around here. So here's what we're going to do:


1. We will allow you to post about major* pk event contests in the main events forum, along with posting in the pk section and calendar. However if this becomes too spammy, or if/when the pk server gets a lot more users, this will be stopped and you'll only be allowed to post events in the pk forum specific section.

*major as in invasions, well organized contests or events that take some time and would be worth posting about. Not little ones like "come find me" or some such thing. If you want more clarification on this all I can say is send me a pm or make a post here with the details when you make an event.


2. You can announce on the general chat channel on the main server that you are having a pk server event, along with some general info about the pk server if you'd like and if you do not do it often! Once in a while is ok. This is just to help advertise the pk server, so if/when more users come there it will be stopped as well


3. I can make another subforum "PK events", or you can just post them in the main pk forum section. Which would you like?



In addition I'll broadcast about the pk server on the main server a couple times a week to help with some publicity.



Rule for posting in the events forum & calendar:

You MUST put PK Server Event as the very first words in the topic title!

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Thanks, that sounds great.


Even that we are allowed now to do some (not spammy) advertisements on channel 4 is very nice ;)


Thanks for that support, i guess, all PK server players will love it! :)



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A sub forum called PK events right next to the main events would be great


If i played only Main server i would notice and always be tempted to read PK Events sections then


But if it was a sub forum in are PK server section it would only be seen on the official forum section only when someone had posted in it last, as soon as someone posted in another section of the pk server forum that would only be visable to the official forum if you get what i meen


I guess im still thinking of ways to promote pk server but am happy to go with the flow



Handy Thor

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