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The Hunter/The Prey

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OOC:(Here I go again, lets see how this roleplaying event will turn out lol)


Zelse had been doing much travelling around Irillion for the past few weeks. Apparently, the hunters have become the game of a feral creature lurking in the lands. Rumors say that most of the attacks occur at night... Zelse recalled encountering a small dwarven mining party at a cave entrance near Sedocolis and hearing their account of a monstrous creature that had well... hear the account for yourself:


"We were gettin' ready ter head out fer Zirakinbar in da mornin' and thought it a gerd idear to sleep unda der stars." Jimbo began, but Hanhar interrupted, "But den while we was'a settin up fer da night, ol' Umas had ter go fer a tinkle far from da camp; if'n ya understand his smell ain't no bed'o roses."

Hanhar was about to continue but was interrupted by Limar, "Umas always leavin' us to do the hard work see, and while me'n the boys was settin' up we heard a cry see, and that cry was loud'nuff to scare a troll outta its witts see," Limar, being the eldest, looked to see if he was to be intterupted. He then continued with what happend, "We all ran to where ol' Umas was see, cause we could tell that there was his voice that we heard see, and when we got there..." Limar grew silent. "A vicous creature was attackin'em!" yelled Gimor, "we was swingin'er axes 'n hootin'n hollerin 'n when we got to where Umas was we all slowed down cause we was all in shock."

"That we was me'boy," said Limar, finally, "T'was dark and we could not see the beast see, but we made out his body see, 'n it was demonic I tells ya see, you don't wanna go lookin' fer this beast see, scarier than giants'n goblins living together in a cave see." There was a strong "aye" agreement among the dwarves as Limar spoke. "We're goin' back home see, Umas body is lost to the belly of the beast see and we gotta tell his story, mayhaps find a hero or a huntin' party to kill the foul wench see."


The story did spread quickly and heroes, hunters and beings of all sorts came to the lands to kill the beast whose attacks were becoming bolder and bolder, closer and closer to the cities and towns, villages were no longer safe. However, despite the fact that many came in search of killing the beast -who was said to force artic chimeras into submission, steal giant's babies from their mothers arms, and climb up elven trees to attack elder priests- were now being sought out by healers because they were mortally wounded. If it was not already enough for a healer to hear of an attack in South Redmoon when just arriving to the Dra'Syn Igloos to take care of a mortally wounded hunter allegedly attacked by the beast, the healers also had to heal all the attacked men, women and children in the area - if they were still living. It seemed that the beast was everywhere at once, or could be; as if it were a demon itself.

Zelse travelled only during the day and was currently making his way to the farmlands of Idaloran where an attack from the beast had taken place.


OOC: ((So draw your own conclusions lol, you can either be a hunter, local of a village, or a victim :) lol but I bet you already knew that didn't you :) Just please don't 'kill the beast' as soon as you write your post, that would ruin all the fun lol))

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Guest Nalestom

OOC: ((All right, let's see if I haven't lost my touch at Roleplaying...:) ))


Nalestom sat in the corner of the Mynadar tavern, listening and watching, but not speaking. It was night outside, and the dim lantern that lit the table across from him hardly illuminated his face, but cast an eerie shadow across the tavern. Tonight, there were relatively few people, only two drunken farmers and a few travelers.


He looked outside at the patches of vegetables, watching the rabbits nibble on them every now and then. He noticed a deer grazing in a far corner, keeping to the shadows as Nalestom was, minding his own business and finding his own meaning of life.


Except Nalestom wasn't keeping to his business.


He remembered his childhood, one that ended not too long ago, when the world was hopeful and the sun rose every day, and there were sometimes flowers to pick even in the coldest of winter. His mouth twitched into a form of a smile as he remembered, a life lost to darkness and doom. He wondered how he could have transformed from an innocent little child to this merciless form of life, feeding off the deaths of others for survival. Yes, bounty hunting was a cruel task that could wreck a normal human's mind easily, but somehow, Nalestom had fit perfectly for the job. He never thought twice about the people he had killed, and he easily ignored the haunting he received every night from their faces.


A scream emitted from outside the tavern. Nalestom snapped his head around to the other side of the window to see what happened. No matter how much he craned his neck, he couldn't see what was happening. A dull thud came from the side of the tavern, as if a body had been thrown there. Seconds later, another, harder thud hit the same place, and blood splattered across the window Nalestom was looking out of. Knowing this was no ordinary fight, he quickly drew the bastard sword he had spent so many years with and stood up.


A man yelled from outside, "Help! My son is hurt! Please!"

A traveler inside the tavern screamed, "The beast has stricken again! Bolt your doors and hide in the shadows, as nobody is safe!"


That was when Nalestom first heard of the beast.


OOC: ((Didn't know how to end it, so that's that =) ))

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