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Quest for the crown

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My Review:


Visuals 9/10


These were very well done. It's very easy to distinquish between the grass, the bricks, your character, and the ever-elusive crown, so you will never be confused.


Sound 8/10


This also was very well done. It is obvious they put a lot of thought into this. When you beat the game, you are treated to a victorious bugle call, then crappy 80's music. Brilliant.


Gameplay 10/10


Wow. There wasn't one point in the entire game that I wasn't having to use my brain. The enemies and puzzles were brilliantly executed to throw challenges at you at every turn, but it never gets frustrating.


Replay Value 9/10


This game is also very replayable. The second time through, you get to move faster, so you can stay up all night trying to get the best game completion time and bragging to your envious friends about it afterwords.



I loved everything about this game. Everything was so creative, like being able to move around while the end credits for the spectacularly talented design team are rolling. Honestly, what game lets you do that? And their manual/strategy guide was very well done, though I suggest you DON'T read it unless you are truly stuck! Overall, I give this game a 10/10, and my coveted Greatest Game of All Time Award, which I have only given to 48 other games.

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