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Version 1.6.0

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Client changes:

1. Many bug fixes.

2. Archery (bows and crossbows). The new archery items will be buyable from the NPC next week, and they will be makable in a few weeks.

3. Better water reflections, if supported by your hardware.

4. The player and monster models are now rendered by the GPU, if supported by the hardware.

5. Many speed improvements, smoother camera and actor animations.

6. Various GUI improvements (some of them need to be manually activated, unless if you are using the el.ini provided with the download).


Server changes:

1. The mines/caltrops/etc. will not dissapear when changing maps or logging off.

2. Leonard the leopard (he is not fully done, but it works).













-bug fixes

-interface fixes



-#calc command

-extended walk cursor range

-mac debugging

-free camera & some sky fixes



- Mac debugging

- eye candy stuff:

-- missiles eye candy effects

-- some other new eye candy like harvesting effect and level up effects

-- binding effects to actor bones

-- tuned some existing effects

-- eye candy debugging window to trigger all effects



-Quickslot text made clearer by applying a black outline to the text

-Keypresses in dialogue boxes

-Display "(username on server) Eternal Lands"on client window

-Allow windows to automatically resize should if be needed (currently only used in the keypresses in dialogue box patch but readily available to all)




-skeletons structure

-new camera

-new actors movement

- few bug fixes



-Vertex programs for actor animation

-New selection

-Water shader

-Bug fixes

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