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Guest TIL

ip range banned for my ISP

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Guest TIL


i've been playing your fine game at my friends computer for the first

two days.

when i installed the game at my flat it stated (after accepting the

rules) that my ip is banned. i have a dynamic ip from my isp so i guess

you banned the whole ip-range for some reason.


as i never got banned personally and still am able to play from my

friends computer (just not from mine) could you please put me on the

whitelist (as my friend lives some 60km apart from me).


if you want to contact my friend his game char is "troglodyt".



TIL (in-game name)

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TIL has been whitelisted. Please wait approximately 20 minutes from the time of this post to allow the server time to update your information. Also please remember that you will still see the banned message, just ignore it and log on as usual.

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