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Titanium Shield of Life Drain Auction

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Yep, I made one! Man, I feel pr0 now!

Anyway, the info below is based on recent auctions for this same item.


Starting Bid: 110k

Buy It Now: 180k

Bid Increments: 5k

Auction Ends: 6 PM EST on Monday, March 24.


Bid here, through forum PM or In-game through PM or Gossip. Lyeowar is my handle in both.


Payment in GC, EFE (7k ea), Serp Stones (4k ea), Binding Stones (whatever the market price is on Monday, I don't remember it right now :bow_arrow:)

To make bidding more straightforward, however, please state your bid in GC only. We'll deal with the details once the auction's over.

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