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Hello everyone. i just made my first attempt at making a sig and wasn't quite sure what to do with it. . . tell me what you think and leave some suggestions please! this one is kind of plain so I'm looking forward to making a new one based on your feedback. . . thanks in advance for the feedback :)



Edit: Thanks for the suggestions everyone! And thanks Krius for making one up so quickly for me!

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Hey tv! Decent first attempt.


First of all, I would suggest to resize your image so it is smaller and looks more like a landscape (dimension-wise, perhaps 500x80?)


Next, although I wouldn't make the text how it is myself, I can live with it.


I also recommend that you save the image in higher quality, so you dont get those blurry and pixelated spots.


I like the material you used as the main back drop.


Keep at it. :)

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Forum Rule #26

Signatures & Avatars

Stay away from flashy, hectic and annoying pictures, especially when animated.

Your avatar must be no bigger than 90 pixels by 90 pixels in size and no larger than 50 KB.

Keep signatures limited to any combination of text and images that doesn't exceed 80 pixels of height and 640 pixels of length. Signatures must be no larger than 50 KB.

What can and cannot be included in signatures and images follows the same rules and regulations as anything else posted in these forums.



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complicated to read =/ but not bad


Try mixing up the fonts, blending ptions, layers, brushes (my specialty) layering (Saint's speciality) and go for an overall good design

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