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He's up to 4k --- 6gc each


Fe's up to 20k --- 3gc each


We's up to 20k --- 5gc each


Efe's ----I pay 10kgc each

All other enriched ess 2-3kgc each




All Enchanted weapons books including the generic one got it now but still needs Fire Thermal and alot of the iron/broard/tit long/short and serp ones

Thread up to 20k 1.5gc each




Binding --- 30kgc each


Serp ----- 5kgc each


Enrichment ----- 6kgc each







Tit chain con - Ring of damage - Disengagement ring build - Moon med con - Serpent sword con and many others




Leather pants - Aug pants - Leather Torso - Aug Torso - Steel chains - Iron helms - Steel shields ( will manu for ings )




Titanium short swords – Titanium long swords – Frying pans




Ip rings - dp rings – diss rings – C1 and some basic C2 rings


moon- star – uni meds




Craft – magic – manu


Either leave an order or pm me in game i will get back to you on price

Price will depend on amout ordered


Ty Handy Thor

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