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New payment option, feedback needed

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Yes, it's more of a hassle, and might cost a touch more. I can see people using paypal over this for their own personal needs.


However, think 'gift' here.... It's not quite as easy to 'disguise' a gift on/from paypal and not everyone's parents/relatives have paypal accounts...


Taking the 'gift' spin on this, I would end up spending 'more' money to EL for goodies with this type of service available than not...


Also, this might be a crafty way of buying a gift for a friend in game (although I guess delivering it might be a bit tricky...)


Unless a minimum number of card sales is necssary to avoid you from losing 'bricks', I'd say this is an attractive new way to make the shop available to those that might not have the time/$ to buy things otherwise.

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Agreed this would give some of us ELers a new way to pay for things in the EL shop, but what about all our friends and fellow players in EU and elsewhere? Have we all forgotten about them? :)IF this does become a new method, which I wouldn't use, it would be cool for younger players/players without other means of paying but just another unusable link for all our foreign players. You're teh god, your call :P

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Some of the stores that (supposedly) will soon carry these cards are very close to where I live, so the hassle factor is miniumum. I would definitely use these cards.

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